Found Objects 08/07/13

Busy times, but those Found Objects just keep coming:

  • There’s a great profile of photographer Robert R McElroy in artcritical. How a former GI ended up as one of the very few people taking photos of the New York downtown scene of the 1960s
  • Simon Reynolds recalls violence of music concerts in the early 1980s and wonders where it is gone. Check out his flyers from gigs in Aylesbury Friars. My ears are still ringing
  • Who knew there was a foundation in Spain to protect the memory of Dictator Franco. Well, there is and they are not all that keen on the work of Eugenio Merino
  • From one foundation to another. Hrag Vartanian reviews a lively looking show by Bruce High Quality Foundation at the Brooklyn Museum. Beware the gif
  • These luscious photos belie their mathematical origins. Hugo Acier has been applying Boolean operations to three dimensional landscape scenes with sublime results
  • “When you paint, you enter a different time stream,” so speaks Jonathan Jones who has a timely gripe with the marketing of a forthcoming show of painting at Tate Britain
  • Some zany performance art can be found on the blog New Art, with a commentary by Vvoi. I don’t know what he or they are saying, but it’s infectious
  • Dieter Roth diaries can overwhelm at Camden Arts Centre, but Rachel Guthrie has managed to pick through the detritus to deliver a tidy review on her eponymous art blog
  • This sounds all kinds of good, Meschac Gaba brings a bit of Cotonou in Benin to Bankside and Tate Modern. The gallery blogs about his museum within a museum
  • Finally, if you haven’t yet checked out Degenerate Art Stream, you need to. Nevermind the fact that I’m almost half way through guest posting every day for two weeks.

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