Found Objects 02/02/12

A rather sheepish selection of five post-celebratory links this week. Thanks for reading in 2011 and rest assured I’ll be back on it later in the week:

  • Somewhere between art history and art criticism, this is a heavyweight consideration of either version of Leonardo’s Virgin of the Rocks. Elucidating (via @tds153).
  • Good news if you’ve been tinkering with a screenplay for Finnegan’s Wake. Copyright has just expired on the literary oeuvre of James Joyce.
  • You might not think that free jazz and population studies would make good bedfellows, but this vintage collaboration between Ornette Coleman and Pierre Hébert really works. Yowl!
  • You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get to the cinema more often in 2011. At least I did after viewing this supercut of films of the year (hat tip @hindmezaina).
  • But it might also surprise you just how much goes on annually in just one artist’s studio. Painter David Dipré has made a slideshow of 2011. Music optional.

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