Found Objects 04/12/2011

A few of the least missable art links from the web this week. Peruse at will:

  • Here’s the most surprising thing written about art this week: Charles Saatchi on the vulgarity of the art world.
  • As if to make a similar point Miru Kim shacks up with two pigs for the duration of Art Basel Miami (as told by Animal New York.)
  • On the eve of the Turner Prize, you could do worse than listen to a mod-ish spotify playlist put together by nominee George shaw.
  • Sad news is they’ve fenced off Oscar Wilde’s tomb in Pere Lachaise. Good news is the BBC have interviewed the poet and wit’s grandson.
  • Corporate sponsors steer clear of historical shows in the US. Laura Gilbert says that‘s their loss.
  • The Walker Center in Minneapolis launch a new website. People in the world of online art appear to agree it is rather good (thanks, Eyeteeth).
  • 60s-style performance art meets contemporary RnB in this unholy YouTube clip found by Art Fag City.
  • A perverted but strangely beautiful twist on vintage erotica: Beautiful/Decay presents The Love Life of the Spumifers.
  • Meanwhile a new photography book uncovers a more banal world of sex. There aren’t enough Spumifers in the sex clubs of America.
  • Finally, settle down and watch this charming and poignant animation about the loss of classic high rise architecture in Chicago.

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