Found Objects 05/05/12

This week’s Found Objects are a taxidermy and economics special:

  • This NYT piece claims the art market is a totally separate economy to the one the rest of us work in, thanks to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.
  • But UHNWIs maybe about to lose out, for a while at least, as the art bubble bursts. Such is the prediction of Charlie Finch in artnet.
  • So it sounds like the Sotherby’s art handlers have called off their ‘strike’ just in time. Art Info reports on a pyrrhic reconciliation.
  • This is awesome, and nothing to do with the bubble, LA’s MOCA have compiled Google Earth views for the location of notable pieces of land art.
  • If you haven’t already seen the taxidermied cat copter, get on it (@sheerinability). And while you’re at it you might want to look up Iris Schieferstein’s stuffed artworks.
  • This movie poster keeps on giving: a vision of Hollywood to come (thanks @hindmezaina).
  • David Lister in The Independent argues for all-year round late opening for our museums and galleries. Sounds like a plan.
  • Charlotte Mann demonstrates how to furnish an entire room using just a marker pen. Great images on Beautiful/Decay.
  • Phaidon link to a wonderful 8-minute montage of paintings by Edward Hopper. See how lonesome realism can be pepped up with a bit of jazz.
  • This is not your average pop video, but then again artist Martin Creed is not (yet) a pop star. It is NSFW, perhaps Not Suitable for Home either, but it leaves a smile.
  • Scientists reveal a new psychiatric disorder, the feeling that one is on the Truman Show. It sounds terrible but, I imagine, a good premise for some art.

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