Found Objects 29/05/2012

It’s been a rum week in the art world. So here’s some rum, distilled:

  • A painted penis belonging to a portrait of the South African President is making plenty of headlines. In the latest twist Jacob Zuma’s lawyer weeps in court.
  • Back in London meanwhile it is YBA artist Damien Hirst who some claim has exposed himself, or at least his limitations. Jonathan Jones rants at him (via @harikunzru).
  • Ben Street writes up some modest, colour coded and exceptionally well-balanced art. And of course makes you want to see more.
  • Jerry Saltz says something, something, something about art criticism, but you cannot take it in learning he was once a trucker with the CB handle The Jewish Cowboy (thanks @S_Cardon).
  • This kind of thing makes you wish you were an entomologist: naming spiders after rock stars as reported in the L-Magazine.
  • It makes cryptozoology look kind of staid. The Exhibition List visits the world’s only museum dedicated to this dubious pursuit and has reported fun.
  • Hyperallergic picks up on an astonishing story about tax free ports storing up to $10 billion worth of art a piece. In Switzerland, naturellement.
  • If I was a pro-tools user, I’d be well tempted by these Sufi Plug Ins. The more or less in time handclaps alone sell it.
  • The international market for Botero is simply fat, in particular in humid, emerging markets. This means his works on paper can be picked up for a relative song.

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