Found Objects 06/02/12

Sorry for lack of recent posting, especially during such an eventful week. Here’s catching up:

  • Saddest art story of the week was the death of Mike Kelley. Art Info posted a three minute video interview with the LA-based artist (thanks @markscottwood).
  • Also from Art Info is this quick guide to the Qatar royal family, who have just forked out $250 million for the most expensive painting ever sold (so far).
  • Against the backdrop of this madness, Spoonfed’s Tom Jeffreys sounds the alarm about the rise and rise of ‘museum quality‘ shows in commercial galleries.
  • Some debate whether public spaces should stay free of charge; Charles Saatchi believes they are not free enough. Check out his brilliantly out-of-step piece in the Guardian (via @Idnhal).
  • There’s been a lot of interest in the David Shrigley at Hayward. Just not enough Shrigley to go round, according to Chloe Nelkin’s blog.
  • The Independent carries an interview with Robert Montgomery. a brilliant purveyor of situationism for the people.
  • Frances Spalding brings Mondrian to life in this Guardian account of the Dutch painter’s time in Paris and London.
  • On Hyperallergic, the aptly named Ben Valentine has compiled an epic animated gif which shows people from all around the world all copping off with statues.
  • Clockwork Orange is 40. The Atlantic suggests just a few more reasons why the Kubrick film is so great (via @brainpicker).
  • Tyler Green’s MAN podcast with sculptor Mark Handforth is well worth a listen. (At 50+ minutes a whole pot of tea or coffee might be required)
  • Finally, I couldn’t but warm to this film of a rap battle between Blizzard and his English teacher Mark Grist (via @matt_goodall).

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