Found Objects 30/01/12

Ten links from around the virtual week in art:

  • Artnet has the latest on the Prince vs Cariou case regarding copyright and image appropriation. You get to read the people specs for an A-list opening at Gagosian.
  • A paranoid genius has managed to uncover at least two partial words spelled out by Hirst’s spot paintings. A Da Vinci code for the new millennium? (thanks @TwoCoats)
  • Speaking of Leonardo, it seems that Vetruvian Man was something of a renaissance meme. Now an earlier example of the design has shown up (h/t @DaveFenton).
  • The Independent features a great interview with Sarah Maple, who has been wowing global art svengalis and builders from Crawley alike.
  • Q: Can nicking a piece of shop decor result in a home raid by a six man police team? A: Yes, if you are artist Jani Leinonen (on We Make Money Not Art).
  • Great bat sounds on this audio slideshow from The Guardian. The paper has been hanging out with Jeremy Deller as he tried to make the ultimate film about chiropteras.
  • There’s an interview with designer Marc Newson in the New York Times. It’s seven pages long but as comfortable as a ride in one of his pimped up private jets.
  • Check out Dangerous Minds and be glad you don’t have any family photos like this: vintage portraits with ‘hidden’ mothers (via @SKYENICOLAS).
  • There’s a delicate balance between civilised and riotous in this filmed performance by synaesthesic painter Mark Rowan-Hull.
  • And very much finally, a giant hare made of turf (via @artfagcity).

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