Found Objects 08/04/13

Hello and welcome to another round up of art-related links culled from the last seven days:

  • Here’s a piece about death etiquette from the Guardian. Did have a link to the Heffner song, but paranoia struck.
  • Film critics are generally more greatly missed that politicians anyway. Here’s a kind letter the late Roger Ebert sent to once very young fan Dana Stevens, now movie critic at Slate
  • Unequivocal good news: the rebuilding of the Rijksmuseum is a triumph. Enjoy this spacious look around with @FisunGuner from The Arts Desk
  • Der Spiegel writes about the growing importance of the cultural sector in Amsterdam and European cities beyond
  • @cmonstah flagged up a shocking interview with architect Denise Scott Brown. If you didn’t know much about her, here’s why…
  • When rural idylls go bad… the Guardian report from the trial of Graham Ovenden, the 70-year-old artist accused of child abuse
  • Unicorn chaser might be needed after that. How about this daft contraption for sending emails via your flying V guitar
  • Smithson write up a design history of the chess set. Could the game be making a comeback? Well, with a bit of help from Pentagram…perhaps
  • Whether or not you like contemporary dance, this deserves a look. Dancer with osteoporosis Claire Cunningham incorporates crutches into her performance
  • Reading Ben Street on painting is a close second best to actually looking at painting. Take this essay on Kiera Bennett, for example.

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