Found Objects 15/04/13

Hello, it seems Spring has made a belated appearance. But if you’re not already enjoying the sun, here are some art links:

  • Criticismism is sad this week (having learned that Catalan film director Bigas Luna is no longer with us). The Tit and the Moon is a personal favourite movie
  • Timothy Taylor have an Antoni Tapies show and Contemporary Art Daily has a fine selection of installation shots. So more Catalan art here
  • Next time you see a record breaking art sale make headlines, think twice about the health of the art market. Art Info tells you how to read those hyperbolic stories
  • Salon carries disturbing news about a Beatles bootleg called “No Pakistanis”. The song eventually became “Get Back”. This story’s wild
  • Stuart Jeffries from the Guardian spends time in a shed with Bedwyr Williams. The Welsh artist is always good for amusing observations
  • New York Times, meanwhile, interviews Claes Oldenberg and finds an Old World European sensibility at work in the poppy hamburgers and ice cream cones
  • This is pretty dumb and also pretty amazing. Hyperallergic record the Rembrandt-themed flashmob which launched the re-opening of the Rijksmuseum
  • Musical interlude: AnimalNY brought you a tuneful supercut filled with the movie world’s best computer hackers. Secure your mainframes
  • This is a good Q&A with an inspiring array of reference points: Lizzie Homersham interviews Salvatore Arancio for Aesthetica magazine
  • And finally, Jill Steinhauer appears to blame the market for the rise of middlebrow art. She makes clear what is and what isn’t in this piece for Hyperallergic.

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