Found Objects 08/10/12

Back from another short break with another flimsy excuse; please forgive these links for their occasional sporadicity:

  • Story of the fortnight goes to the attention-starved goon who defaced a Rothko painting. Lets hope this is the first and the last we hear of Yellowism.
  • Speaking of philistines, read all about minister Michael Gove’s architecture policy. Is there nothing good this government hasn’t come to threaten?
  • The story of one church’s mission to build a giant sculpture and the nicknames the result gets locally. God issues his verdict in the shape of a lightning strike.
  • Another extravagant sculpture story…at the Paris Review we hear from Cody Upton who spent an afternoon visiting the Flanders Duck.
  • Now for the first of two space stories. French street artist Invader has sent one of his pixelated alien craft through the atmosphere. It’s all a little bit pointless.
  • Compare that with Trevor Paglen’s message to the future. The California-based artist has produced a ‘cave painting’ legible for the next five billion years.
  • Jerry Saltz displays infectious enthusiasm for a piece of troublesome romanticism. An epic journey from Warsaw to Paris has made for some stirring and sublime art.
  • AnotherDesignBlog posted an interview with Tom Howard who shares all the joys of wayfinding graphics, such as those found at St Pancras.
  • Design post #2 finds the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society brought bang up to date with a artfully placed curly bracket. Can you guess where?
  • Lastly, and most probably leastly, I thought I’d post the in-depth story which kept me so busy this time last week.

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