Found Objects 15/10/12

We begin and end with Frieze, which seems only Fair (ahem). The other stories are good too:

  • Chloe Nelkin was on a pleasingly alliterative gallery binge last week. Take a deep breath and enjoy her Frieze Frenzy.
  • The Independent may be pushing it to call the Wiltshire monument an art gallery. But the findings of 72 Bronze Age carvings on Stonehenge is exciting indeed.
  • Theaster Gates brings theatre to White Cube Bermondsey. We Make Money Not Art finds a fully stocked library and, what else, a levitating fire truck.
  • Who knew LA has a Mexican mayor? Everyone now he’s been cool enough to authorise the restoration of a controversial 1932 mural. Report by Blouin Artinfo.
  • Richard Hamilton is being geared up for a posthumous show at Tate Modern, but in the meantime there’s this at the National Gallery.
  • Sobering news about the so-called cloud: someone has to house all those servers. Kyle Chayka discusses their aesthetics on Hyperallergic.
  • Can fasting help you understand Cezanne. Hemingway thought so, as C-Monster (re)discovers…
  • You might not think previous ownership by Eric Clapton would do much for a piece of art and you’d be wrong.
  • This skywriting project on Daily Serving looks pretty cool, once you get past the inevitable punnery.
  • Frieze Curator Sarah McCrory (soon to be Glasgow International Director) answers ten burning questions for Phaidon.

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