Found Objects 12/08/11

After an unplanned hiatus, this blog returns with another selection of links: items from the last seven days in descending order of topicality…

  • Nevermind the stock cupboards of Footlocker, etc. Lucy Inglis in the Guardian laments the Victorian architecture which suffered at the hands of rioters in Tottenham.
  • Tattooist Louis Molloy is another victim of the last week’s disorder. Among other questions raised by the Independent is why mass murderer Harold Shipman had no body art.
  • Ai Weiwei speaks out, again. Artinfo dissects an interview which the recently imprisoned Chinese artist gave to the country’s Global Times.
  • Queues have been forming for Alexander McQueen’s show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The New York Times offers this sketch of the fashion designer’s fans.
  • And here’s another fashion story which went viral. Der Spiegel reports that Neo Nazis were this week tricked into taking home anti-fascist t-shirts.
  • It’s 100 years since the Mona Lisa was stolen and 50 years since the theft of Goya’s Duke of Wellington. The latter event makes for an amazing tale by Sandy Nairne in the Guardian.
  • Harold Shipman crops up again in this well-argued piece by Tom Jeffreys in Spoonfed. Which just demonstrates that tricky questions face those condemning corporate sponsorship of the arts.
  • Artists reading might be inspired by this story in Art Fag City. Nate Hill reveals how his trips to NY’s Chinatown fish market came to hook the art world media.
  • Hyperallergic sets a playful example for anyone faced with a dauntingly large art museum.
  • If you haven’t yet been to the De La Warr Pavilion, here’s the next best thing.
  • Finally, I’ve been enjoying this Spotify playlist based on the novel Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon.

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