Found Objects 23/07/11

Posting early links this week, due to weekend commitments. So, erm, click while you’re ahead:

  • Lucian Freud appears not to have liked social conventions, but I hope he would not mind the odd tribute or two. Martyn Gayford’s close, measured and warm recollections in the Telegraph are well worth a read.
  • An Xiao’s piece in Hyperallergic makes recent debates in social media about social media art seem much less fuzzy. It’s a more serious business than the self-referential mise en abyme might suggest.
  • A Google software engineer conveys the excitement of turning a Calder sculpture into the day’s much-liked animated doodle. But try to imagine explaining it to an artist who died in 1976 and the mind boggles.
  • Author Mark Fisher is cropping up two weeks in a row, but he has written a very involving piece on philosopher Nick Lands (also via @frieze_magazine).
  • A Kick Up The Arts has been busy this week. Check out their incisive review of The Shape of Things to Come at The Saatchi Gallery.
  • After reading Calvin Tomkin’s excellent book Lives of the Artists, I’m hooked on the long-read artist profile. This fine example on Miranda July by Katrina Onstad delivers on all six pages of its NY Times slot.
  • A slide show of psychedelic artwork from 60s design team Hapshash and the Coloured Coat from Kathy Kavan at Another Design Blog.
  • This 15-minute documentary on Street Photography is a real must. Takes you to a dark and paranoid place and then, well, I won’t spoil it.

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