Found Objects 12/12/11

Clearly there has been a major art prize since the last Found Objects, but you’ve been spared any more links to it. Instead:

  • With great timing (both United and City crash out of Champions League) the BBC carry a slide show of a new show about Manchester after a speculative apolcypse.
  • Gabriel Orozco is the engaging subject of a Paris Review studio visit. He works in his kitchen, so where does he cook?
  • As Anselm Kiefer warns us, ‘there are only a few people who can say something about art’.  Great interview with Alex Needham.
  • Ignoring that sound advice I’ve sneaked onto a list of people making cultural predictions for listings site Spoonfed. Scroll down.
  • If you haven’t seen it yet, this bit of architecture crit from rapper Ice Cube is a joy. Give the man a BBC4 mini series.
  • More pre-seasonal good cheer is available from the New York Times. The paper interviews a comic book artist who also happens to be an asperger’s sufferer with no fixed abode.
  • And even more heart-warming fare can be found on the MoMA blog as they relay the runaway success of their new digital comments board.
  • But maybe we should get real.  Here’s some generally ominous war art gathered together by Will Brand on Art Fag City.
  • …and here’s some depressing photography about the oil business in Nigeria from We Make Money Not Art.
  • The panacea for all that is this wildly off-beam film about the internet made in 1969. Also from the ever-reliable @KathyKavan.

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