Found Objects 14/11/11

Internet: scoured, or at least partially. Hope you enjoy this week’s art-related links:

  • The world’s most expensive photograph reached £2.7 million at Christies. The Guardian seemed surprised it wasn’t a classic Kodak moment.
  • Meanwhile the world’s most expensive exhibition (surely) has already sold out its run at The National Gallery. The Independent offers a guide to crowd-survival.
  • Meanmeanwhile the Gerhard Richter show, drawing crowds south of the river, also  draws the tag “petty bourgeois nihilist” in London Review of Books. Like that’s a bad thing.
  • Modern Art Notes now comes in audio form and kicks off in style with an interview with a man who’s taken a bullet for art, Chris Burden.
  • That podcast led me to this YouTube clip of a more recent work by Burden, an astonishing sculpture called Metropolis II.
  • From busy roads to empty bus stops which are destinations in their own right. These Soviet bus shelters are all worth the fare.
  • Art Info have interviewed Jerry Saltz: this is pretty illuminating for anyone who thought there was money in writing about art.
  • The Telegraph report on a 9-year old who’s just sold 33 paintings for £100,000. So will he be the next Gerhard Richter or the next Jack Vettriano?
  • The same paper carries an epic slideshow with photography by Liu Bolin. This guy just kind of blends in, so don’t worry if you’ve never heard of him.
  • A five minute film on Edward Hopperpacks in a colossal amount of art historical nuggetry (on American Suburb X)
  • We Make Money Not Art look at the work of Heath Bunting, who can sell you a new identity in a briefcase. It’s 100% legal, guv.
  • And Huffington Post share a trailer for a forthcoming documentary about Ai Weiwei. This one’s, sadly, a cliffhanger.

Thanks for reading and please note the next post will be on Tuesday 22 (following an imminent trip to Vienna.)

2 thoughts on “Found Objects 14/11/11

  1. Good morning!

    I have, as yet, only had time to peruse the link on Soviet bus shelters, part-time appreciator of art that I am 😉 , but I really loved those photos. Thanks for sharing.

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