Found Objects 22/11/11

Vienna was fun, but more on that later. Here are some links I’ve been catching up with:

  • Check this photo on Hyperallergic and I’m sure you’ll agree, this woman really looks like a public menace. No wonder the cop is using pepper spray.
  • I may be late to this, but if police can use said spray ‘for fun’ it seems only right that others can too, given access to photoshop. See the Tumblr of the week.
  • While on the subject of global protest movements, C-Monster posts a couple of nice bits of street art from Tahrir Square.
  • Art historian John Berger has a piece in the Guardian. Marvel at the way his reading of the Degas/ballet show goes out on a shadowy limb.
  • Leonardo biographer Martin Kemp meanwhile compares the spooky new Salvatore Mundi to the (perhaps no less) spooky Mona Lisa. Great interview on Art Info.
  • The Independent asks if Damien Hirst deserves next year’s major retrospective at Tate Modern. Brian Sewell says, no. Martin Glover says, yes. That’s a maybe, then.
  • Cat lovers should enjoy this Q&A with painter Allison Schulnik. Why is she obsessed by the feline creatures? Aren’t we all.
  • This rollercoaster on foot is anything but pedestrian. Check out Phaidon for a new public sculpture by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth.
  • Hell hath no funniness like a woman scorned. Comic and artist Miriam Elia has a forthcoming show devoted to her break up with Martin Creed.
  • Excuse the shameless nepotism but Forbes is running a story about a board game and iPhone app designed by my brother. Find out why it might get banned.

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