Found Objects 17/06/13

Greetings all. Another week, another collection of art links form that week. So click away:

  • Vanity Fair visits the studio of James Bridle for a piece about the New Aesthetic which might be a little overdue. Brightonians will be familiar with his work
  • Guy with amazing collection of Black Flag fliers goes public in Vice magazine. These are all designed by Raymond Pettibon which makes them even amazinger (thanks Hyperallergic)
  • Not the most extensive gathering of interesting photos, but The Casual Optimist has posted two or three crackers. Not what you might expect from the archives of National Geographic
  • In a story rich with layers of irony, Art F City reports on queues of up to four hours to see rAndom International’s piece at MoMA with folk waiting in the rain to get into the Rain Room
  • On another precipitational note, this photo suggests that snug Tokyo bars are a great place to pass a rainy day (from the Tokyo Times)
  • Grayson Perry writes on the subject of taste and class in the Telegraph; now the dust has settled on his Channel 4 series, he reminds Brits who we really are
  • Photographers Broomberg and Chanarin are compared with Jeremy Deller as they win the 2013 Deutsche Börse prize a most political project
  • It may not be as timely or important, but it exists nevertheless. Leo Caillard has made over a range of classical sculptures as hipsters
  • Via Salon and Hyperallergic, an incredible story about the art factory in North Korea. Paintings and sculpture for global destinations at prices you can’t beat
  • This video report is a good primer on two current shows at Tate Britain. Anna McNay talks you through the careers of Patrick Caulfield and Gary Hume.

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