Photo diary: Musée d’art moderne André Malraux

I’ve just got back from a camping holiday in Normandy, but don’t worry I’m only bringing you the highlight, and that was a trip to MuMa.

le havre 083b

The region is holding its second ever Festivale Normandie Impressionniste and as luck would have it we caught what must be the flagship show in Le Havre.

le havre 002b

The theme to this year’s festival is water and Camille Pissarro scores double here – with a view of the River Seine, painted on a rainy day.

le havre 004b

Here is a view of the same bridge (Boieldieu) “at sunset with smoke”. Vapour in all its forms appears to have held a fascination for Pissarro.

le havre 006b

Here’s a wonderful detail: watery shade from the bridge going head to head with a mellow evening light, turning the river first green then gold.

le havre 075b

This time morning mist has caught the master’s eye, and it’s all of a piece with the steam from the quayside. This is another Rouen bridge, The Pont Corneille.

le havre 068b

Geek fest: four views of the same breakwater in Le Havre. Pissarro had the impressionist’s knack of taking a single viewpoint and generating totally different scenes from it.

le havre 038b

The exhibition pulled in a few comparable paintings, including this one by Albert Marquet. In this glassy scene of The Bassin du Roy in Le Havre, the buildings appear to ripple as much as the sea.

le havre 040b

This also caught my eye.In 1930, Henri de Saint-Delis paints the market in Honfleur. For an early brandscape, this sure is purty.

Pissarro in the Ports: Rouen, Dieppe, Le Havre, is at MuMa until 29 September.

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