Found Objects 19/12/11

Most favourite links from the past week, with a passing reference to xmas:

  • Take in a whole book on deregulated capitalism at a glance with this wall chart by William Powhida. Better still, zoom in and scroll around.
  • The Guardian interview the soi-disant Ikea anarchists, underemployed grads with time on their hands and photoshop on their laptops.
  • Kieron Long in Architect magazine is also sticking it to the man, or at least the men behind the Arcelor Mittal Orbit Tower (hat tip @kristoncapps).
  • Contemporary Art Daily showcases Merlin Carpenter’s scruffy, colourless cafe scenes (The cafe is in Tate Modern).
  • Louis Wain, schizophrenic cat artist of the early 20th century finds his way onto the internet, where he always belonged. See Beautiful/Decay zine.
  • The head of the arts programme at Cern argues the case for magic and mystery, even as particle physics illuminates all. (The Art Newspaper via @KatharineAllard.)
  • You get the stalker you deserve. Claire Breukel has been following Vito Acconci for Hyperallergic.
  • Van Gogh may have been an anomalous trachomat. Who knew? And Kazunori Asada has designed the software to prove it (via @inthecompanyof).
  • Chloe Nelkin bemoans the lack of festive tree at Tate Britain this year. It’s a good excuse to look back at the trees of Christmas past
  • And finally…Der Spiegel report on a rogue santa distributing ecstasy-laced drinks at a Berlin Xmas market.

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