Found Objects 22/10/12

Unless you live in Ilfracombe, it’s been a relatively quiet week. Anyhow, here are the links:

  • The Independent predicts that over time the Great British Public may grow to love Verity by Damien Hirst.
  • But The Telegraph gives the former YBA a kicking over animal rights. Butterflies are people too.
  • Art Info reports on a highly cultural WWII prisoner camp which once held Max Ernst and Hans Bellmer. Did he miss his doll?
  • Ben Street offers some wit, wisdom and hope that artspeak may one day art speak might resemble a withered vestigial wing. Flap!
  • Art Wednesday provides a readable Q&A with gallery director Maureen Paley. Makes tenuous link between Lower East Side and the East End.
  • On the Art21 blog Jessica Lott responds to Picasso Black and White at the Guggenheim NY and paints a unambiguous picture of the artist as a lover.
  • A Kick up the Arts finds himself in Reykjavik, where he tracks down a Phoebe Unwin show on the outskirts of town. Very adventurous.
  • Enjoy an at-times-spooky photographic tour of the ARoS Kunstmuseum in Arhus, Denmark, courtesy of The Exhibition List.
  • Hyperallergic offers the most digested version of Art Review’s irksome Power 100.
  • Finally here’s a fascinating piece on cave art from Slate. Find out what made their bison so fat and their rhinos (and women) so horny.

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