Peter Saville, After Closer (Digital Edition) 2012

First up, you can win, Win, WIN this artwork and then stick it on your phone, tablet, monitor screen or TV. Thanks to s[edition], it’s the very first criticismism competition.

So what to say about After Closer? It pulls together more than two decades of iconic design for an inseparable pair of bands from Manchester: Joy Division and New Order.

From Unknown Pleasures (1979) to Waiting for the Siren’s Call (2005), Saville has designed covers for both. One of the best known collaborations in music is also one of the longest.

If you don’t already know the connection between Joy Division and New Order, I might ask you to go and read another blog post, because this comp’s really not for you.

But those fans among you will recognise the visual nod to the second and final Joy Division album and might also interpret the shifting bands of colour to refer to New Order.

A coded array of colours was used to represent the band on the cover of Power, Corruption and Lies. Saville was notorious for hiding the second Manchester band’s name.

But here you see the former group exert gravity on the latter; the second line up energises the former. In a sense, both owe their popularity to each other.

It has been pointed out that “closer” is a verb as well as an adjective. But this design draws attention to the fact that a great deal followed the closure in question.

So this is a little bit of digital, hence non-corporeal, heaven for Ian Curtis (1956-1980). I have one edition to give away, worth £15 and counting. Just leave a comment below.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be pimping out my blog in this way. What do you think? But I’m a fan of all three entities discussed here and I figured one of you might like to own this.

9 thoughts on “Peter Saville, After Closer (Digital Edition) 2012

  1. Peter Saville’s work was one of the things that inspired me to become a graphic designer in the first place. I would LOVE to win this. He continues to inspire me. Thank you for doing this.

  2. Unknown Pleasures has been a big part of my life since it’s release. There is a space on my wall next to the album artwork so hopefully it will be filled.

  3. Blog pimping is perfectly fine. Everyone does it, so no need to worry on that front. Design is something that has always fascinated me and it really is a form of art that can tap into the zeitgeist of the generation. Cheers!

  4. Dear all, thanks for taking time to enter. You’re all winners in my opinion, but since I have to pick just one of you it’s Frank.

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