Found Objects 24/06/13

Hello, arty people of the internet. Please find below links that may interest:

  • Teutonic art of woodcut gets colourful makeover in 20th century Japan thanks to Kawanishi Hide (and thanks to @KathyKavan)
  • David Lister is unshocked by the shocking current show at the ICA and asks for some right wing perspectives to stir things up (via @IndyVoices)
  • @tessanorton flags up a gallery of the coolest flags in history, if flags are ever cool. Great comments thread, mind you
  • Anthropological blogger Joris Luyendijk sets out the case against banking cartels. The scenario is every bit as grim as you suspected (ht/ @ginnyUK)
  • RIP James Gandolfini, a better man than Tony Soprano. The actor died in Rome aged 51 and Carolina Miranda posted a link to this spot on obit.
  • What better way to follow that, than with this. Wiretap reveals that real life mobsters are massive fans of The Sex Pistols (from Animal NY)
  • French body artist Orlan is suing Lady Gaga for allegedly making off with her prosthetic aesthetic. The National Post reports and Artnet posted the link
  • The Guardian chews over that disturbing photo of Charles Saatchi appearing to throttle Nigella Lawson and yet we remain none the wiser
  • Breaking news: people use their hands to look at art. So suggests a lovely picture gallery by Matthew Monteith on Beautiful/Decay
  • Doug Aitken persuades at least a dozen of his famous friends to take the train with a nomadic arts festival. Hope the US network bears up better than the UK would.