Found Objects 25/02/13

Sorry for lack of postings of late. I’ve been on a short break in Rome. Keen observers will find this reflected in my first two chosen links of the week:

  • In any other country he would surely be unelectable. Not so in Silvio Berlusconi’s Italy, from where Der Spiegel recalls the following gaffes.
  • As luck would have it, the Sistene Chapel was still open. It’s beyond amazing, as are the Raphael frescoes in the rest of the Vatican Museum.
  • Back on these shores was an opening of Lichtenstein at Tate Modern. Laura Cumming hails the visual ingenuity of the man
  • This is hilarious even if your French is as basic as mine. Marcel Broodthaers interviews a cat about art.
  • This too is very funny, and certainly basic: a new strain of teenage bvehaviour known as gallon smashing. Animal NY compare the kids involved to Marina Abramovic
  • The tasteful folk at Pipe blog compiled their ten favourite films. Here are the top five; more under ’older posts’.
  • The Telegraph have an exclusive slide show from what looks to be the V&A’s biggest ever show: a look back at the visual world of David Bowie.
  • Smithsonian blog about photographer Thomas Shahan who does PR work for arthropods. Seriously.
  • How to catch an art thief: offer them a plum job in a gallery. Another one from the Telegraph.
  • Finally, prepare to be charmed by a time lapse film about the staging of a new Murillo show at Dulwich Picture Gallery. Not to be missed, it seems (via @mbadeane).

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