Found Objects 28/08/12

It’s been an eventful week, eventful in particular for a certain amateur art restorer.

  • Here’s the main story from Art Info, and here’s some of the inevitable meme fallout (link courtesy @sheerinability).
  • And here’s another costly art world cock up, this time by a Norwegian gallery who lost a Rembrandt.
  • Slate discuss the real threat Pussy Riot and others of their ilk pose to the Russian government.
  • Will Gompertz has a new book out. A good new book, if this yarn about Marcel Duchamp is anything to go by.
  • Speaking of Duchamp, Brain Pickings posted audio for a seven minute talk he gave in 1957.
  • Hyperallergic is allergic to the heteronormativity of this artist’s restaging of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale.
  • Paul Kindersley paints himself 67 shades of acryllic on Vimeo. Don‘t worry, he‘ll talk you through it (via @LukeStephensMUA).
  • Philosopher Simon Critchley calls for more monstrosity in art in a digestible piece for the Brooklyn Rail (hat tip @thebenstreet).
  • David Kefford from Aid & Abet in Cambridge is building a poetic collection of mobile photos.
  • This should be art: a New Yorker fakes a celebrity walkabout in Times Square and Animal blog carries the footage.

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