Farewell Grey Area

Rostan Tavasiev, Ghost (2008)

It is oft said things have to get worse before they can get better. And with news of this Friday’s vacation of Grea Area, the Brighton gallery scene couldn’t get much worse.

In the past, usually after one or two libations, I have opined that quality of life is already good enough here on the South coast. Limited art seems like a trade off for a vibrant music scene.

But enough is enough. The closure of Grey Area’s will perform a spleen-ectomy on a patient already weakened by loss of, perhaps, wisdom teeth with the recent closure of Permanent Gallery.

Another promising space closed last year. That was literally called A&E. We are left with a tatty heart (Phoenix), a distracted mind (Brighton Uni) and an echoing ribcage (Fabrica).

Some of the spirit of Grey Area should live on in nearby Mingus Calypso, perhaps a pineal gland. But the Neue Froth Kunsthalle, as it is also known, is in semi-legal possession of its premises.

Mingus has taken the bold move to begin acquiring a permanent collection. But without a permanent space, it should prove tricky for them to secure funding and higher profile shows.

No one ever died for want of an art gallery. But the same could be said of a football stadium. And look how councillors moved heaven and earth to secure funding and permission for the Brighton Amex.

Since there’s now a bit less to blog about, I hope you’ll forgive me for posting a handful of links to a few past shows. As can be seen, Grey Area was great. Let’s hope it’s back soon in some form.

Grey Area is having a closing bash this Friday. Details on ArtRabbit here.

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