Found Objects 28/11/11

Welcome back to another round of art links from an exciting week on the Internet:

  • From the department of unexpected events, here’s news that the EU is planning to undertake its biggest ever funding drive for art and culture.
  • And here’s some more news that goes against the grain. Scientists have massively slowed up the rate at which Leonardo’s Last Supper is disintegrating.
  • Pop artist Gerald Laing passed away last week and you can read his obituary in the Guardian. I am really saddened by this as he gave me a great interview once.
  • If you need cheering up after that, you could read part one of Tyler Green on trees. In art, of course. These were prompted by an encounter with a van Ruisdael.
  • Next travel the world’s most remote byways in the company of Aaron Hobson. In his interview with Spiegel Online he talks about his project using Google Street View.
  • Hyperallergic reports on a photography show in Chicago which deals in the realm of crimes, both real and imagined. Sounds completely brilliant.
  • There’s another dose of vitriol from Alastair Gentry who reflects on the new Tacita Dean piece at Tate. I thought it quite good myself, but not so good I didn’t laugh.
  • New Art posted two videos featuring robots with a stirring introduction. One is funny and the other is elegant. You’ll know which is which.
  • Allow yourself to be entertained by a slideshow of the Shit London awards in the Guardian. I especially liked the depressing views from workplaces category.
  • Finally, a tumblr you may or may not have seen. It’s Ugly Renaissance Babies (via @electriclit and @alastairgenry).

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