Found Objects 07/01/13

Well, here’s your regular pick of the best art links around:

  • Art Observed report on a fine looking Sol LeWitt show at Marian Goodman gallery in Paris
  • Contemporary Art Daily also have pictures from what seems like a cracking show: Judith Bernstein at the New Museum
  • ArtInfo carry a short film about Russian art world star Aidan Salakhova, currently showing at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art
  • You know you’re getting old when the features on aging begin to appeal. But the Atlantic reveals how artistic talents can bloom as other parts of your brain die (Thanks Amy Riley)
  • It’s lengthy but the Guardian’s Rachel Cooke will tell you all you need to know about Kurt Schwitters in advance of his show at Tate Britain this year
  • The same paper asks why Schwitters fan Damien Hirst has parted ways from his worldwide gallery Gagosian. Because he can, seems to be the answer
  • Artist Omer Fast was apparently threatened by the FBI for making his fictionalised film about a drone pilot. That just makes his piece Five Thousand Feet is Best even better
  • The Casual Optimist blog carried a link to an interview with the late Robert Hughes. 50 mins long but time in his company is highly recommended
  • On the subject of critics @FisunGuner linked to this witty sculpture of said profession by Jasper Johns. Now that’s a bad review
  • Hyperallergic make a case for welcoming thoughts, feelings, opinion and occasional bouts of ignorance from beyond the art world. Hey, why not?

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